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Press On Cushion Tyres

More Durable, More Reliable, More Comfortable, Less Cost, Longer Lasting...


Are your industrial tyres not living up to your expectations?

Do your industrial tyres give you constant blowouts or punctures causing expensive down time?

Is your work environment such that tyre failure causes significnt production hold-up?

Are your tyres wearing out faster than you expect, requiring expensive replacement tyres?

Do your tyres chunk, peel or chip under strenuous operating environments causing expensive down time and repair costs?

Isn't it time you changed your tyres?

Since 1960, TY Cushion Tyre has developed and tested a complete line of solid tyres just right for your machines and working environments.

Through years of innovation and investment in state-of-the-art technology, we revolutionised many manufacturing processes to create a range of tyres that will solve many of the drawbacks of traditional industrial tyres. Try TY Cushion Tyre and see the difference!


  • Skid steer
  • Forklift
  • Container handling
  • Loaders
  • Waste handling
  • Excavator
  • Compactor
  • Agricultural
  • Metal recycling
  • Tunneling
  • Mining
  • Drilling
  • Trencher
  • Underground equipment
  • Terminal Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Slag steel mill service

Cross-section of TY Cushion Tyre

Cross Section of Cushion Tyre

  1. Ultra-deep tread
  2. Rubberised anti-abrasion tyre surface
  3. Rubberised, elastic carcass
  4. Special rubber for tyre bead
  5. Reinforced Nylon fabrics
  6. High tension steel wire
  7. Rubber bottom of tyre
All Tyres are available in Non Marking

Special Features of TY Cushion Tyre

Superior Structural Design

TY Cushion Tyre derive their sturdy structure from a specially prepared formula that enhances the different functions of its tyre parts. A two ply nylon cord is used to reinforce the tyre rim. These tyres have good shock absorption and provide excellent resistance against abrasion and breakage.

Added benefits are:

  • No blowout or punctures
  • Extended life - The anti-abrasion formula for the tyre surface and the deep tread design make TY Cushion Tyre more than 4 times as long-lasting as pneumatic tyres.
  • Relability, maintenance-free
  • Tight adhesion to tyre rim
  • Ease of steering
  • Low heat, high elastic rubber compound
  • Comfort - excellent elasticity provides better shock absorption on rough surfaces. Reduced shock means a more comfortable ride.

The Uniqure Aperture (side Multi-Hole) Structure

Based on its loading capacity, the tyre has one or two rows of aperture structure built into the sidewall. This does not affect the tyre's original features, but has the following added benefits:

  • Better shock absorption than pneumatic tyres
  • Reduces the tyre's weight

The Unique Aperture